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5th Meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee EU – Croatia

On 5th May, the 5th meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee EU – Croatia was held in Prague. As usual, the introduction of the meeting was dedicated to the state-of-affairs of the Croatian pre-accession negotiation with the EU, which was followed by discussion on two main topics:

- Flexicurity
- Communication strategies of the EU in terms of both the enlargement and the process of Croatian accession to the EU
The meeting was moderated by vice-presidents of the Committee, i.e. Waltraud Klasnic, representing the 1st group of the EESC (employers) and Lidija Pavić-Rogošić, representing the group of the other civil society organizations. After that, the conclusions of the meeting as well as the reports on the flexicurity in the Republic of Croatia and the EU were made.
Flexicurity in the EU (in Croatian)
Public administration bodies
National foundation
Croatian companies’ donations
EU Tenders
Other donors