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Questionnaire on the Needs for Provision of Additional Support to Civil Society Organizations in the Framework of the 4th Component of the IPA Programme

In order to provide timely information and training for potential applicants, the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, - the Implementing Body for the 4th Component of the IPA Programme - has published a Questionnaire (in Croatian), which shall help in identifying needs of civil society organizations for additional education.

The Questionnaire has been published in the context of the implementation phase of the Operative Programme “Development of Human Resources”, which has started in 2009. According to the Implementation Plan for the 4th Component of the IPA Programme, the implementation of 8 grant schemes provided for a wide spectrum of applicants is planned.
The questionnaires shall be submitted till 20 March 2009 by post or by email: katarina.ivankovicknezevic@mingorp.hr and petra.leonhardt@mingorp.hr.
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