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During first two months 1645 comments on the drafts regulations on the central portal “E-Consultations”

In total 1645 comments to the draft laws, other regulations and acts were received during two months since the launching of the central portal for consultations with the interested public “E-Consultations”. In this short period the portal has been established and came to life through the creation of a total of 84 public consultations, released by 17 government bodies. Day by day growing number of registered beneficiaries and in first 60 days over 1600, of which 867 individuals, 419 companies, 126 trades, 80 associations, 33 institutions, 36 cooperatives and another hundred representatives of other legal entities were registered.

Establishing of the central portal „E-Consultations“ was initiated by number of civil society organisations, business sector, as well as citizens, with the purpose of improving the level of access to information on all currently open consultations with the public on draft laws, other regulations and acts. The primary intention of the central portal is to simplify access to information on all open consultations of government bodies, but also facilitate the process of commenting to citizens and legal entities. Portal requires a high level of transparency actions of state bodies in relation to the reporting of the results of consultations and an explanation of accepted and non-accepted comments. Also, it provides higher level of transparency and openness regarding comments of the representatives of the interested public as can be seen through the whole procedure of consultations.

As a reminder, establishing of the portal „E-Consultations“ has been envisaged by the Action Plan for the implementation of the Partnership for Open Governance initiative for the period 2014-2016, as well as the National Strategy for Creation of an Enabling Environment for the Civil Society Development 2012-2016 and in accordance with the objectives of the Strategy for Combatting Corruption from 2015 to 2020. The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs is responsible for coordinating the establishment and use of the portal “E-Consultations”. From the start of the portal, almost 30 trainings on the use of the portal were organised by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs aimed at administrators and officials in the relevant state bodies with the purpose of more efficient handling and processing of the received comments.

It is expected that in the next phase of the development and advancing of the portal all open consultations on draft regulations will be enriched with even more detailed information and explanations to the public concerned given a complete insight into the context of the formulation of new public policies.

It has been also planned to launch an extensive public campaign with the purpose of better informing the public with opportunities the “E-Consultations” provides for the strengthening of participatory democracy and active citizenship in the Republic of Croatia.

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