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First Call for Proposals Launched within the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme

The first call for proposals was launched within the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme: IPA CBC Republic of Slovenia – Republic of Croatia

The call for proposals is opened for project proposals in the area of cross-border cooperation between border regions of the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia, dealing with the topics of economic and social development and sustainable management of natural resources.

The following territorial units are entitled to participate in the programme:

  • in the Republic of Croatia: the counties of Međimurje, Varaždin, Krapinsko-zagorska, Zagreb, Karlovac, Primorsko-goranska, Istra and the City of Zagreb;
  • in the Republic of Slovenia: the regions of Pomurje, Podravje, Savinja, Srednjeposavska, Southeastern Slovenia, Notranjsko-Kraška, Obalno-kraška and Osrednjeslovenska

The total sum of funds available through this call for proposals amounts to 14.152.158,00 EUR, out of which 7.862.310,00 EUR is provided for projects in the area of economic and social development and 6.289.848,00 EUR for projects in the area of sustainable management of natural resources. The minimum sum of co-financing amounts to 75.000,00 EUR, whereas the maximum sum amounts to 2.000.000,00 EUR.

The period of implementation should not be longer than 36 months, while the call for proposals will be opened by 20 November 2008, 3:30 p.m. Upon the application of the project, Croatian partners are obliged to provide minimum 15% of funds, while Slovenian partners are obliged to provide minimum 5% of funds.

In the framework of this call for proposals the following activities may be funded:
  1. Economic and Social Development
  • Development of Tourism and Rural Areas
  • Development of Entrepreneurship
  •  Social Integration

  1. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Protection
  • Preservation of Protected Areas

Applicants should be beneficiaries of the IPA Programme (EU candidate and potential candidate countries), i.e.: non-profit legal persons from the eligible regions of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia with legal, financial and operational capability for participation in the porgramme.

Project partners should meet the same conditions as the applicants (minimum one partner from both the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia), while the maximum number of partners is not restricted. Applications may be submitted in Slovenian and Croatian, while there should be a joint project management (one project, one applicant, one budget, one contract with the Joint Technical Secretariat in Ljubljana). The full application documentation may be downloaded here, while the beneficiaries of the programme solution e-municipality could find all information at the e-municipality, in the category “European Union”. All questions regarding the call for proposals may be addressed to the Center for European Union:

Lidija Vitez
EU Project Manager
Savska Street 141
10 000 Zagreb
Tel.: +385 1 539 21 53

Fax.: +385 1 619 17 51

Petra Klepo
Head of the Center for EU
Senior Advisor
Stepinčeva 38
21 311 Stobreč
Tel.: + 385 21 555 412
Fax.: + 385 21 555 419   
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