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Guidelines and Recommendations for Beneficiaries of the EU Projects

Office for Cooperation with NGOs in cooperation with Central Finance and Contracting Unit for the EU projects and programs prepared Guidelines and Reccommendations for the EU Project Beneficiaries. Guidelines are provided for civil society organizations in the Republic of Croatia which are implementing projects financed by CARDS 2004 grant scheme within the decentralized implementation system procedures. Office for Cooperation with NGOs is among others responsible for implementation of some of those projects.
The guidelines are provided for beneficiaries of the EU funds in order to get an insight into the whole process of project management, from planning the entire project scheme to granting the resources to individual organizations by means of tendering procedure. The aim is to enable successful implementation of the projects in line with the EU standards written in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EC External Actions and General Anexes.It should be emphasized that the latest version of the latter shall be regularly consulted in order to implement projects in a quality way. As the European Commission is continually advancing the rules for implementation of the project cycle, project beneficiaries are obliged to keep up with the latest version of this document.  
Guidelines do not have a status of an expert or legal recommendation and may therefore not be considered as an official document. The aim is to provide general information gathered during workshops organized for project beneficiaries and while receiving questions addressed to the technical support team, as well as on the basis of experience from the field monitoring visits and thorough analyses of the reports that the Office is receiving from project beneficiaries.
On our website you can also find all useful information and application forms needed for successful implementation of the EU projects (EU Programmes/CARDS/CARDS 2004 Technical Assistance and Download).
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