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European Movement Calls for Exchange of Opinions

European Movement is preparing a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the European Congress, which will be held on 23and 24 May 2008 in Haag. On this occasion, a public discussion featuring the most prominent European officials will take place. The discussion will be broadcasted by many television companies throughout Europe. In this context, a blog was set up (http://speakup-europe.blogactiv.eu/), provided for an exchange of citizens’ and civil society representatives’ opinions on the future of Europe.
European Movement invites everyone to present their ideas to wider public. You can send your ideas by 15 April, whereupon they will be summarized by the scientific commission into 60 ideas about Europe. The latter will be then presented in the discussion mentioned above. This event will offer an opportunity for civil society organizations to express their opinions, thus contributing to the shaping of the Europe as they want to see in the future.
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