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Office has published Guidelines for assessors of EU funded projects

Publication Assessment of project proposals within EU grant schems – Guidelines for assessors has been developed within the IPA 2011 Framework contract Implementing assessment of project proposals within the IPA 2011 civil society grant schemes based on standardized assessment criteria and with the technical assistance of TRANSTEC consulting firm situated in Belgium.  

Main goals of this project were to enhance role of Civil Society Organizations in Croatia and improve quality of assessment of project proposals submitted by Civil Society Organizations.

These Guidelines are therefore intended for public administration bodies which are in charge of development and publication of EU funded tenders, further for assessors and Evaluation Committee members, in order to emphasize the importance of defining and applying standardized assessment criteria.

This publication is a working documents which will be amended according to future needs of relevant public administration bodies.

Publication Assessment of project proposals within EU grant schemes - Guidelines for assessors.

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