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Regional Forum „Europe for Citizens 2014 – 2020“ held in Zagreb

The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs organised the Regional forum “Europe for Citizens 2014-2020”. During the Forum, new financial possibilities for projects within this Programme, which is focused on the promotion of European citizenship and democratic participation of citizens at EU level, have been introduced.


The Forum was opened by Mr Igor Vidačak, Director of the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs, Mr Branko Baričević, Head of European Commission Representation in the Republic of Croatia and Mr Joško Klisović, Deputy Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, who have stressed the importance of European citizenship and all activities focused on the promotion of European values, especially through cooperation among citizens, civil society organisations and public authorities. Programme Europe for Citizens 2014-2020 was presented by Mrs Cécile Le Clercq from the European Commission.


The representatives of civil society organisations and local authorities from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Serbia and Slovenia have participated at the Forum and had the same goal – to form (regional) partnerships and develop new project ideas. Altogether 22 ideas have been put into paper and the following steps for its further development have been agreed.

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In the forthcoming period the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs, being the national contact point for the programme Europe for Citizens, is planning to continuously organise a set of practical workshops and provide technical support to the (potential) grant beneficiaries from Croatia.
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