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Happy holidays

Thanks to the cooperation and active support of many colleagues in civil society organizations, government bodies and numerous national and international public institutions, we are happy to share with you a part of the results of this year's work of Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs:
  • Associations have been awarded EU grants worth 6 million euros contributing directly to improving of the quality of life of Croatian citizens
  • 98 contracts on co-financing of EU projects of associations from State budget have been signed
  • Over 1000 participants took part in workshops on conducting effective public consultations on draft laws, other regulations and acts, as well as on financing of projects and programmes of associations from public sources, including workshops for potential applicants on EU grants schemes and Europe for Citizens Programme
  • Nearly 400 associations opened its doors to citizens across Croatia within 2014 NGO Open Door Days
  • 75 cities have signed a Declaration on cooperation with civil society organizations
  • Employees of the Office for Cooperation with NGOs took part in presentations of the new normative framework for the work of associations for over 2500 participants across Croatia
  • Progress has been achieved in the transparency of financing of projects and programs of associations and public consultations on new laws, other regulations and acts
  • Active support to reforms in the field of State-civil society cooperation in the countries of South Eastern Europe and the Southern Mediterranean has been provided throughout the year

We would like to thank you for the fruitful collaboration and look forward to its future continuation and development.

We wish you all the best for the Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.
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