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Office for the Prevention of Drug Abuse Published a Public Tender for NGOs

On 17 December 2007, a public tender was opened by the Office for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, provided for projects proposed by Croatian NGOs. According to the call for application, NGOs can send their applications for one type of financial support, i.e. for the projects which will bring new ideas and new models of development and/or new ways of resolution of existent problems in the area of re-socialization of drug addicts. The applied projects should be finished within 1-year period.

All NGOs whose activities contribute to a public good of the Republic of Croatia are entitled to apply. They can apply maximum two projects (one individual plus one collective), regardless of how different projects are combined. All interested NGOs have to use special application forms to apply their projects proposals which should include a detailed description of planned activities.

All applicants should submit an original plus five copies of tender documentation.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2008. Filled in application forms (original plus five copies = 6) should be sent exclusively by post on the address: Office for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Preobraženska 4/II, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia (with a reference “For the Public Tender”).

Application forms as well as other details of the tender could be found on the Office’s website https://www.uredzadroge.hr.

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