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INA Published an Invitation to Tender for Donations and Sponsorships in 2008

INA Inc. published an invitation to tenders for donations and sponsorships in 2008. The deadline for submission of applications is 24 December 2007, whereas the results of the tender will be published within the first quartile of the year 2008. 
Donations will be provided for projects in the fields of: 1. Children and youth, 2. Humanitarian projects, 3. Culture and art, 4. Health, 5. Ecology, 6. Education and science. Allocation of the resources will be carried out in accordance with the criteria of quality, originality and specificity of the project, national (regional) coverage, a high degree of usefulness for social community, and a possibility of commencement (or realization) of a part of or entire project within the year 2008.
Sponsorships will be realized in the fields of sport, culture, education and scientific work, ecology and other relevant projects. Criteria for the selection of beneficiaries will include a high degree of usefulness for INA Inc. (improvement of image and/or business activity of the company), efficiency in terms of promotion of the company's products and services, impact on both fields of special interest of the company and wider social community, quality, originality and specialty of the project, national (regional) coverage and a possibility of commencement (or realization) of a part of or entire project within the year 2008. The selection for each category will be carried out by the commission consisted of the company’s employees.
Rules and conditions of submission of applications can be found on http://www.ina.hr, whereas all applications could be sent exclusively by post on the following address: INA d.d., Sector of Corporate Communications, Av. V. Holjevca, 10 000 Zagreb with a remark „Tender for donations“ or „Call for Sponsorships“.
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