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Meeting of the Open Government Partnership Council

Sixth meeting of the Open Government Partnership Council  was held on 13th of March 2013 in the premises of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Representatives of the public administration bodies, local and regional administration bodies, civil society organizations, academic society and media representatives are actively involved in the work of the Council. Council's main task is to monitor the implementation of measures and activities foreseen within the Action Plan for the implementation of the Open Government Partnership Council in the Republic of Croatia which has been adopted during the Government's session on 5th of April 2012.

During this meeting, Members of the Council were mainly focused on the recent achievements, but also on the activities regarding the implementation of measures which were planned for the forthcoming months.
Following topics were covered during the meeting:
1.       Adoption of Minutes of the 5th meeting of the Council of the Open Government Partnership Council,
2.       Progress made in carrying out measures of the Action Plan for implementation of Open Government Partnership Council,
3.       Development of government bodies' common Open Government e-infrastructure:
·         Central public web-portal development,
·         Pilot project of the system for citizens' personal access to public administration,
·         Unique web-portal through which the information regarding the public administration will be published.
4.       Preparation of the Conference on Open Government and presentation of the results of the first year of the Action Plan implementation
5.       Other
High expectations of new projects intended for the development of common e-infrastructure for all government bodies have been highlighted, especially in regards to improvement of public service provision, higher transparency in the work of the public administration, better communication with the interested public in the process of adoption of new regulations and accessibility of information provided by the public administration. Re-use of that information could set a solid basis for the development of new economic values.
Conference on Open Government and accessibility of information provided by the public administration, with an aim of linking wider stakeholders from the public, corporate and civil society sector in the implementation of measures of the existing and preparation of the new Action Plan,  has been announced and it has been scheduled for begin of May 2013. 
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