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Invitation to join partnerships and apply to Europe for Citizens Programme 2013 with partner organizations from the countries of the region

As follow-up of the Regional Europe for Citizens Forum 2012, which was held in Varaždin, Croatia, in November 2012, we hereby publish Compendium of project ideas developed by the Forum participants – representatives of civil society organizations and local authorities from Hungary, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.

Compendium includes 23 project ideas and information about organizations that are developing those ideas and applying them to Europe for Citizens Programme, starting from deadline on 1 February 2013:

All organizations interested to participate in projects included in the Compendium are welcome to refer to the contacts and organizations in it. For additional contact information you are welcome to send enquiery to Croatia Europe for Citizens Contact point's e-mail: europazagradane@uzuvrh.hr .
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