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Final Report on the Second OGP European Outreach and Support Meeting in Dubrovnik on October 4-5

Final Report on the Second OGP European Outreach and Support Meeting, which was held on October 4-5 in Dubrovnik, is available for download here.

Meeting was organized by the Government of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian NGOs, in cooperation with the Government of the United Kingdom, which is one of the co-chairs of the Initiative, and with support of the EU project for technical assistance to civil society organizations (TACSO).

As the stronger involvement of civil society in all OGP activities is one of the pre-requisites for successful implementation of national OGP action plans, the purpose of the Second European Outreach and Support Meeting was to provide space for discussion and exchange of experiences between civil society organizations and governments about the progress of implementation of the national OGP action plans and to share developments and best practices. The Meeting gathered 125 participants, coming from 37 countries.

Here you can also download some of the presentations given at the Meeting:


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