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Visit by the Delegation of the Republic of Macedonia – Government Department for Cooperation with NGOs and CSO Representatives, 12-14 December 2011

 Within the framework of boosting regional and international cooperation in the area of civil society development, the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs regularly participates in and organizes meetings with delegations from southeast Europe and beyond with the aim of sharing experience and good practice for the creation of an enabling environment for civil society development.

In the period from 12-14 December the Office received a delegation consisting of the representatives of the Department for Cooperation with NGOs of the Macedonian Government and the representatives of Macedonian civil society organizations – as part of a study tour of Croatia and Slovenia, which was financed under the EU project Technical Assistance to the Department for Cooperation with NGOs. The purpose of the visit was to learn about Croatian experiences and practices in the area of implementation of civil society sector programmes and projects in Croatia with the aim of developing civil dialogue and intersectoral cooperation of state institutions and civil society organizations.
The representatives of the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs gave presentations not only on institutional and legal framework for cooperation with civil society organizations in Croatia, but also on the system of implementation of projects and programmes for the civil society sector within the Office’s portfolio which are financed from EU funds, with the emphasis on Croatian experiences in the capacity building for project implementation and good management practices concerning European allocations for the support of civil society organizations in the pre-accession period.


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