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IPA Component IV

Component IV of the IPA programme supports measures directed at promoting employment, education and social inclusion and; as a predecessor to the European Social Fund, finances projects in the field of social cohesion aimed to achieve objective set out in the European Employment Strategy. The ultimate goal of IPA Component IV is to prepare Croatia for a satisfactory level of absorption of funds from the European Social Fund. Through Component IV of the IPA, the ESF does not just prepare the state and public institutions, but also a wide range of potential beneficiaries, such as local and regional authorities, civil society organizations, social partners and others.

Calls for Proposals published within Priority Axis 5 – Strengthening the role of Civil Society for better governance; Measure 5.2. Strengthening the role of Civil Society Organizations for socio-economic growth and democratic development of the HRD OP:

1. Support Structures for CSOs at the Regional Level

Overall objective: to contribute to a balanced regional development of Croatian civil society organisations (CSOs) and to broaden the scope of regional support services acting as support structures for CSOs at the regional level. 

In November and December 2013, 9 projects were awarded with the contract.

List of contracted projects.


2. Supporting CSOs Advocacy and Motivation Programmes for Socially Excluded Groups

Overall objective: to strengthen the capacities of advocacy-based CSOs for advocating policies oriented towards promotion of employability, social inclusion and improvement of the quality of life of wider Croatian population, with a special emphasis on vulnerable social groups. 

In February 2014, 11 projects were awarded with the contract.

List of contracted projects


3. Supporting Contribution of CSOs Active in the Field of Volunteering to Strengthening of Economic and Social Cohesion

Overall objective: to foster the promotion of volunteering while it is one of the crucial elements for enhancing social capital and strengthening social cohesion in society. 

In March 2014, 9 projects were awarded with the contract.

List of contracted projects


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