European Parliament Adopted the Resolution Called the „Social Economy“

On the plenary session held on 19 February 2009, the European Parliament adopted the resolution designed by the the rapporteur, Ms. Patrizia Toia (Italy, ALDE), called the “Social Economy”. The Resolution tackles the actors like NGOs, associations and charity organizations, whose primary goal is not profit-seeking, but providing help to citizens and defending fundamental principles of the European Union such as solidarity and accountability. It defines the social economy as an economy which is in line with common European objectives concerning the social inclusion, significantly improving social status of citizens and giving priority to a business model based on democratic approach, participation of social stakeholders and investing the lion share of the profit into the sustainable development.

Among others, the Resolution underscores the need for a solid legal framework founded on the acknowledgment of specific values of the social economy. Moreover, an emphasis is given on the key role of social economy in realization of the Lisbon Strategy, i.e. its objectives concerning sustainable growth and employment, encouraging employment of women and provision of services, particularly in the field of health and social care.
The text of the Resolution could be downloaded here.