Croatia in the Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership Initiative

The Republic of Croatia on 1 October began mandate as a new member of Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership Initiative, and in the work of the Steering Committee Croatia will be represented by Deputy Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Joško Klisović.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on September 24 this year, Partnership conference was held where Croatian President Ivo Josipović addressed and emphasized  excellent results that Croatia has achieved so far, and on the basis of which was elected a new member of the Steering Committee. President Josipovic emphasized that "the inclusion of civil society in decision-making process on public policies and dialogue with citizens provides numerous benefits", and stressed the intention of Croatia to proceed with ambitious measures in the area of transparency and openness of government as well as to share its experience with other members of the Initiative.
Besides Croatia, to existing members of the Steering Committee will be joined during the two-year mandate, also Brazil, France, Philippines, Georgia, Tanzania, USA and United Kingdom.
The Republic of Croatia became a member of the Open Government Partnership in 2011 and by which took the responsibility of drafting and implementing the Action Plan which includes a number of measures and activities in the area of transparency and openness of government. Croatian Government established the Council of the Open Government Partnership Initiative - a body made up of representatives of governmental and non-governmental sector, which is responsible for coordination and the development and monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan. Croatia is due to the process of drafting of the Action Plan highlighted as an example of good practice among government and civil society. The Action Plan of the Republic of Croatia 2012-2013 was rated as one of the top five in the Initiative, and the independent report on the implementation of the Action Plan, carried out by an expert selected by the Initiative, confirmed that Croatia is one of the most successful members.
Open Government Partnership ( is a unique international initiative which through the cooperation of governments and civil society promotes reforms in order to achieve a more open and accountable government. The partnership was launched by President Barack Obama in 2011 on the sidelines of the opening of the UN General Assembly, and to date the initiative was joined by 65 countries.