Croatian Government adopted Open Government Partnership Initiative Action Plan 2014 - 2016

At today's meeting, the Croatian Government adopted the Action Plan for implementation of the Open Government Partnership Initiative from 2014 to 2016. 

Action plan has been prepared in accordance with the obligations of Republic of Croatia when joining this global initiative and in accordance with the program of the Croatian Government 2011-2015. 
Open Government Partnership Initiative is based on a partnership between government, civil society organizations, businesses and citizens in order to strengthen the openness, transparency and participation in activities of public administration bodies. Accordingly, development of the Action Plan in all phases involved representatives of civil society organizations with two rounds of public consultations with the interested public organized. 
The Action Plan envisages implementation of 16 measures and 46 activities. Until 2016 they will be carried out by 20 government agencies within 4 key areas: 
- improving the legal framework for realization of rights of access to information 
- proactive disclosure of information and open data 
- transparency of public administration, with an emphasis on fiscal transparency 
- public participation in the formulation and implementation of public policies. 
The complete text of the Action Plan can be found here