The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs in the second place on the good governance index

At the conference "The right for good administration in Croatian practice" Research Center GONG, in collaboration with the Institute of Public Finance presented the results of research "Good Governance in Croatia - DUH". The study was conducted on a sample of 29 government bodies (Government of the Republic of Croatia, 20 ministries, seven Government offices and the Parliament) that have the most impact on the quality of decisions and their implementation.

According to the results, top rated government body is Ministry of Public Administration. In the second place, with only three percent less, is the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs while the third place was taken by the Ministry of Tourism. After the presentation of research ombudsman Jurica Malčić awarded "best managers".
Average results indicate that the quality of management in government bodies is far from satisfactory, with large discrepancies between different government bodies. This is the first round of research that is planned to be carried out every two years with the aim of creating a database on the quality of governance pointing the areas for improvement.