Public Consultations on the Criteria and the Procedure of Providing NGOs with the Right of use of the State Owned Property for Implementing Projects and Programmes in the Interest of Public Benefit

In line with measure 5.1 of the National Strategy for the Creation of an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development 2012-2016, the State Property Management Agency in cooperation with the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs drew up a proposal of the Decision on the criteria and the procedure of providing NGOs with the right of use of the state owned property for implementing projects and programmes in the interest of public benefit.
The proposal of the Decision was discussed at the 13th session of the Council for Civil Society Development, advisory body to the Croatian Government, which comprises the representatives of state authority bodies and CSOs. The session took place on 14 September 2012 at the Croatian Government building.
Bearing in mind the fact that the facilities which are used for NGOs and other CSOs activities greatly influence the sustainability of projects and programmes in the interest of public benefit, which are implemented with public source funding, we are using this opportunity to invite all representatives of CSOs and the interested public to submit their remarks and comments on the proposal of the Decision by way of using the form for participation in consultations by 1 October 2012 at

The full text of the Decision is available here