Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs Initiates a Training Programme for Consultation Coordinators

As part of its tasks related to monitoring and encouraging the implementation of the Code of Practice on Consultation with the Interested Public in the procedures of adopting laws, other regulations and acts, the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs organized a one day seminar for twenty coordinators for consultations with the interested public, who were appointed in different Ministries and Government Offices on Monday 30 January 2012.



The seminar was organized within IPA 2009 Project Strengthening The Capacity of The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs for Building Effective Partnership with Civil Society Organizations in the Fight against Corruption, which the Office has been implementing since mid 2011. The aim of the project is to improve the overall cooperation of state administration bodies and civil society organizations in the area of combating corruption. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Particip GmbH organization and apart from providing training for consultation coordinators it has another important outcome – design and printing of a comprehensive handbook for conducting consultations.

The program of education and training for consultation coordinators will be conducted in three modules. In the period between modules the provision of technical assistance to state administration bodies during capacity building for conducting efficient consultations is envisaged. This project is a part of providing systematic training and education designed for persons tasked with coordination of the consultation process in public authority bodies and looks to develop concrete tools for conducting consultations which it will be possible to roll out on the local level later on.

Subsequent training sessions are planned to be held in February and March 2012.