Theme Session of the Council for the Development of Civil Society

The Council for the Development of Civil society held a theme session on June 29th 2011, discussing the presence of civil society in the programme contents of the Croatia Radio and television.
Having in mind that the mission of the Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) encompasses information and education about democracy, civil society and culture of public dialogue, the members of the Council discussed with the HRT representatives the possibilities and challenges for cooperation on implementing this important component of the provisory agreement between HRT and the Croatian Government.
The discussion opened a series of questions connected, among other, to the need for a better communication between the media and civil society organisations, criteria to be taken in consideration when granting media space to certain actions, projects or organisations as well as the need for timely and continuous cooperation and information exchange of all the actors included.
One of the conclusions of the session was the continuance of the already started cooperation between The office for Cooperation with NGOs and the Council on one side, and HRT on the other as the public media service, which will include educating civil society organisations on media communication, new education modules for journalists about relevant themes and values promoted by the organised civil society in Croatia and other cooperation activities in promoting the culture of public dialogue.