Office for Cooperation with NGOs Activity Report for 2009/2010


The Office for Cooperation with NGOs published its 2009/2010 Activity Report. In this period, the focus of work for the Office were several priorities welling from the recognition of the importance of the potential of civil society as a contributor to all the development processes in the Republic of Croatia, congruent to the National Strategy for Creating of an Enabling Environment for the Development of Civil Society.
Some of the most important areas of work for the Office were: further strengthening of CSO capacity for using EU funds meant for supporting civil society development and creating a basis for successful future usage of structural funds for civil society when Croatia becomes and EU Member State; support to the continuation of successful participation of the Republic of Croatia in the EU programme „Europe for Citizens“, for which the Office acts as a contact point in Croatia; improving standards for granting, monitoring and evaluation of financial grants to projects and programmes of CSOs from the state budget and other public sources, development of cooperation and consultation with associations and other representatives of interested public in public policy making , exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of creating an enabling environment for supporting the work of NGOs with the countries in the neighbourhood.
We use this opportunity to once more express our gratitude for good cooperation to numerous civil society organisations and a distinct number of national and international public and private institutions.
Here you can download the report in digital form.