The Government Adopts the Report on Financing Projects and Programmes of Civil society Organisations

In its meeting, held on July 1st, 2011, The Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Report on Financial Support Granted from the State Budget for Projects and Programmes of Civil Society Organisations in 2010. The report contains recommendations for improving the system for granting the mentioned support. Data were collected for 21 financial support providers which had in place a programme for granting some kind of financial or non-financial support. According to the collected reports, we can recognise that all together 489.012.308, 40 HRK was granted to OCD-s on the national level in 2010. The novelty of this year’s report is a holistic overview of the territorial dispersion of the financed projects and programmes according to the counties in which they are implemented and state administration institutions that supported them.
Succesfully implemented projects
Detailed Overview of Projects/Programmes