Meeting of Consultation Coordinators


On Friday, 17th December 2010, the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs organised a consultation among coordinators and the interested public regarding procedures of other regulations and acts. Guidelines on implementation the Code of Practice as well as the role of coordinators in development of the culture of counselling, greater transparency and openness of state administration were the main topics discussed at the meeting. The discussion continued on the topic of the programme of systemic education for consultation coordinators in the upcoming period, firstly as a part of a project financed by the European commission that is due to start in February 2010.
Consultation coordinators are named by all state administration bodies and government offices in charge of producing draft laws, other regulations and acts, and serve as contact persons for the purpose of tracking and coordinating consultation activities with the interested public. At the meeting held on the 27th July 2010, the Commission for monitoring the implementation of measures for combating corruption adopted the Code of Practice on consultation with the interested public in procedures of adopting laws, other regulations and acts as well as the Guidelines for its implementation as programme of systemic education for consultation coordinators.