Candidates for the new members of the Council for the Development of Civil Society


At the end of December 2009 the Office for Cooperation with NGOs invited all registered associations in the Republic of Croatia, alongside other civil society organisations, to propose candidates for members and deputy members to the new Council for the Development of Civil Society. This marked the beginning of a two stage process of choosing members and their deputies for the new Council. After identifying candidates between 16th February and 3rd March 2010, a deadline for the delivery of ballots with all the supporting documentation was opened. A total of 787 ballots were received for candidates and their deputies, of which 697 were valid and 90 void. 29 organisations sent only the ballots without the supporting documentation to prove their field of activity, while 23 sent supporting documentation from which it was not possible to determine the sphere of activity of the organisation. 10 ballots had no visible signature or stamp, while no candidate was specified in 6 ballots. In 8 cases the organisation voted for 2 or more sectors, and a total of 14 ballots arrived after the deadline. The entire process of choosing candidates and voting was monitored by a three member committee selected by the Council for the Development of Civil Society.
The candidates who received the most votes for a particular sector will be recommended to the Government of the Republic Croatia to act as members and deputy members to the Council for the Development of Civil Society. The candidates are listed bellow.
  1. Democratisation, rule of law and development of education
  • member MSc Slađana Novota / deputy member Zvjezdana Schulz Vugrin
  1. Youth participation
  • member Katarina Pavić / deputy member Emina Bužinkić
  1. Participation of associations stemming from the Croatia War of Independence.
  • member BSc Soc. Worker Ljiljana Canjuga /deputy member Bruno Čavić
  1. Culture
  • member Dejan Buvač / deputy member BSc Econ Zlatko Herček
  1. Child welfare
  • member MSc Lidija Pozaić-Frketić / deputy member Siniša Ivanković
  1. Welfare for persons with disabilities
  • member M.D. Zorislav Bobuš / deputy member BSc Leke Sokolaj
  1. Social welfare
  • member BSc Econ Jany Hansal / deputy member BSc Antonija Roszahegy Nikolić
  1. Sport
  • member BSc Biserka Vrbek / deputy member BSc Econ. Josip Čop
  1. Engineering
  • member Dragan Milec / deputy member BSc Jasna Malus Gorišek
  1. Protection and promotion of human rights
  • member MSc Suzana Kunac / deputy member BSc Lana Vego
  1. Environment protection and sustainable development
  • member BSc Željka Leljak Gracin / deputy member BSc Irma Popović
  1. Healthcare and improving the quality of life
  • member BSc Snježana Ivčić / deputy member Ružica Lah
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved applying for candidacy and/or voting for the Council members, and through that contributed to the transparency and democratic functioning of the Council for the Development of Civil Society in its upcoming mandate.

- List of all the candidates and number of votes received as well as the number of void ballots (in Croatian).