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Datum objave / Date published:
Email: oral_health2008@hotmail.com
Država / Country: Organizacija "Oralno zdravlje", Macedonia
Naziv iskaza interesa: Partnerstvo, Oralno Zdravlje
Vrsta aktivnosti: Aktivnost 1, Mjera 2.1 Projekti gradjana Aktivnost 2, Mjera 3 Potpora projektima organizacija civilnog društva Aktivnost 4 Aktivno europsko sjecanje
Naziv organizacije: Oralno Zdravlje
Kontakt podaci: Email: oral_health2008@hotmail.com Adresa: 1326 Lojane, Općina Lipkovo, Republika Makedonija; Tel. 00389 70 594 119 Kontakt osoba: Dr. Izeir Ilazi
Name of the Expression of Interest: Developing partnerships, Oral Health
Type of activity: Action 1, Measure 2.1 Citizens’ Projects Action 2, Measure 3 Support to projects initiated by civil society organisations Action 4 Active Europe Remembrance
Name of organisation/institution: Oral Health
Contact details: Email: oral_health2008@hotmail.com Address: 1326 Lojane, Municipality Lipkovo, Republic of Macedonia; Tel. 00389 70 594 119 Contact person: Dr. Izeir Ilazi
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