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Datum objave / Date published:
Email: opstrosoman@yahoo.com
Država / Country: Macedonia
Naziv iskaza interesa: Partnerstvo za sastanke pobratimljenih gradova i/ili za mreze pobratimljenih gradova, Opcina Rosoman
Vrsta aktivnosti: Mjera 1.1 Sastanci pbratimljenih gradova Mjera 1.2 Mreze pobratimljenih gradova
Naziv organizacije: Opcina Rosoman
Kontakt podaci: Email: opstrosoman@yahoo.com Adresa: Ul. “Proleterska” 1A Rosoman Tel: 00389 71 200 760 Fax: 00389 43 441 331 Kontakt osoba: Stojance Lazov
Name of the Expression of Interest: Developing partnerships for meetings of twinned towns and/or networks of twinned towns, Municipality of Rosoman
Type of activity: Measure 1.1 Town-Twinning Citizens' meetings Measure 1.2. Networks of Twinned Towns
Name of organisation/institution: Municipality of Rosoman
Contact details: Email: opstrosoman@yahoo.com Address: Str. “Proleterska” 1A Rosoman Phone: 00389 71 200 760 Fax: 00389 43 441 331 Contact person: Stojance Lazov
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